Building Automation

For over 20 years, CE Mechanical has been providing comprehensive and successful building automation installations, service and retrofits for local businesses in the Southern California region. We create ‘intelligent buildings’ that are smarter, more efficient, safer, use less energy, have lower operating costs and contribute to a sustainable environment. We have partnered with ABB Cylon ® allowing integration into existing systems while providing significant cost savings.

Manage your building 24/7 in real time. With an advanced building automation system and client portal, you will know the state of your building’s mechanical system at a click of a button, allowing you to detect issues that waste energy and impact the comfort of the individuals in those buildings.

Typical Integrations Include:

  • VAV Box Retrofits
  • Air Handler Control
  • Central Plant Controls
  • Heating Hot Water Loops
  • VRF Integration
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Mobile Connectivity

Analytics | Active Energy Manager

Active Energy Manager focuses on BEMS analysis and energy management in order to analyze energy consumption and target savings in a building, enabling energy efficiency improvements and the continuous commissioning of your building. For more information, please visit ABB Cylon®.