Facility Assessments | Reduced Risk, Greater Returns

How many times in your life have you paid for something and it was not what you were expecting when it was completed?
Well at CE Mechanical, we have a phrase for this:


“The sweetness of low price still remains when the bitterness of poor quality still exists.”

Predictive HVAC maintenance notebooks
HVAC Equipment Assessment Report - CE Mechanical

Why would we say that? Well so many times in the HVAC business, everything comes down to first cost. Whether it is cutting maintenance, value engineering, or deferring capital expenditures. However, did you know that sometimes deferring cost actually increases you’re cash out lay in the long run?

At CE Mechanical, we work with our clients to create a solution that offers the lowest total cost of ownership. At the end of the day, this is the only way we can help our clients avoid huge unforeseen operating expenses. Our team at CE Mechanical can work with you to develop a comprehensive Facility Assessment that provides physical conditional, operational status, and energy efficiency of the various components that make up your facilities HVAC system.

Our approach transforms conventional thinking of equipment as piece by piece and realigns the thought process to look at everything as one system that must work in unison to function efficiently and reliably. Our assessment reports are great tools for creating visualization on your potential financial risk. Once identified our team of professionals can work with you to develop capital spending plans that are prioritized based off potential risk and greatest increases in operation performance and financial return. The result is a lower operating cost so the savings can be allocated to other areas of your facility.