The CE Difference

From our inception, CE Mechanical has strived to do things differently. At the center of our company is our core values.



We believe in the concept that if everyone is working together then everyone achieves more. Therefore we put a high value on being seen as a team mate to our customers rather than a vendor.



We believe in pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box, and not being afraid of trying emerging technologies. Without this methodology, our solutions become stagnant and we would slip behind in the ever-evolving world. Polishing the same rock has never been fun.



We believe in people and the value they bring. Therefore, we strive to leverage the strengths of our internal team complimented with the strengths of our external team (clients, subcontractors, and vendors) to create results which our unmatched by our competition.



We have a saying here at CE Mechanical. “The sweetness of low price still remains when the bitterness of poor quality still exists”. Therefore, for us we strive to provide services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe the best quality comes from Union labor as they have the most extensive training programs in the industry and are proud to be members of UA Local 250 and 105.



When you stop and look at all we are responsible for, it can be scary. From the safety of our people, to ensuring buildings are not damaged, to preserving our environment and natural resources. Here at CE Mechanical we implement industry best practices to ensure our staff return home to their families every night, in the same manner as they left for work in. Our field staff have weekly safety meetings coupled with ongoing education. This is how we ensure we are responsible for what we do.



Without Trust you have no solid foundation to build from.Therefore, we work hard to ensure our clients trust us by doing what we say we will and delivering results. We have clients that we have been continuously doing work for over 20 years with, because they trust us. We try to treat everyone as family and do business with our friends.