Energy Solutions

Predictive HVAC maintenance

When customers have good data, intelligent decisions can be made. Our team works with you the client to gather the necessary financial data to determine potential areas of financial risk. From there, we create an initial assessment to establish a performance baseline. Once a baseline is established we can then create a compressive assessment that shows potential savings and the areas of improvement within your facilities. Projects can then be developed based of initial return on investment, risk mitigation, or prioritized based off the client’s needs.


Through our client portal, we provide valuable information at your finger tips to track energy consumption, variants from your baseline, and other analytical data that allows facilities to make better decisions.

CE Mechanical has the experience and resources to help create comprehensive energy solutions for facilities, property owners and ESCO’s. Our staff has years of experience in developing project scopes, benchmarking, investment grade audits, implementation, commissioning, and servicing after the completion of the project.