Client Portal 

Here, at CE Mechanical, we are redefining the performance standards of service in a manner that has shifted our clients traditional thinking. By offering an online portal accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, CE Mechanical is leading the industry in communication, transparency, and accountability.

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CE Mechanical provides each client with online access and visibility across the entire inventory of assets, providing a complete view and understanding of the operational decisions that can help expand capabilities, improve reliability, and lower costs. Harvesting this data includes the monitoring and diagnostic analysis of your systems, asset lifecycle management, preventive and predictive maintenance and operational intelligence. We empower our clients with insights to improve the efficiency of their entire facility.

More than just a performance report, CE Mechanical's client portal provides data analytics on every aspect of your business where we have an impact. This includes a utility tracking dashboard designed to convert building data into actionable information for benchmarking energy performance, identifying energy-saving opportunities, calculating returns on investment, and prioritizing and implementing selected measures.

Access information and make requests related to your HVAC assets from any computer any location with an internet connection.

Our Client Portal Features

  • Customer Contact & Support List
  • Work Ticket System
  • Downloadable Proposals & Reports
  • Maintenance Status Board
  • Repair History Dashboards
  • Project Status Board
  • Refrigerant Usage Logs
  • Capital Plan & Financial Analysis
  • Links to Building Automation Systems
  • Utility Tracking Graphical Dashboard

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