Predictive Maintenance 

In today’s economic climate, as soon as budgets get tight, the first thing that suffers is the maintenance of HVAC equipment. Given that this equipment consumes over 50% of the energy used in a typical commercial building, why would you reduce or defer maintenance on one of the most critical systems in your building?

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Your HVAC system is not just for comfort. It plays a crucial part in the profitability of your facility. Whether you’re a business owner trying to keep workers focused or a property manager trying to keep revenues up, ask yourself this - what happens if my system goes down? Will my workers keep working? Will my tenant’s pay their rent? Will they stay when their lease is up? Are these risks you’re willing to take?

Predictive maintenance differs from preventative maintenance. Predictive maintenance is based on the monitoring of actual operating equipment versus assuming something is needed in a given time period.

This is where CE Mechanical can help. We can tailor a program based upon your facility’s needs. Our goal is to help you maximize productivity and efficiency by minimizing downtime and repair costs. Our service teams leverage the latest technology and training coupled with high quality support to deliver results that our customers have come to trust and rely on.

Types of Maintenance Programs

CE Mechanical offers five different maintenance programs based on how much risk our clients choose to assume. 

Programs offered include:

  • Test & Inspect
  • Preventative Maintenace
  • Shared Risk
  • Full Service
  • Full Service Plus

Benefits of our maintenance programs include:

  1. 24/7 Emergency Service
  2. Maximize Operational Reliability
  3. Maximize System Performance
  4. Extend Equipment Life
  5. Optimize Energy Savings
  6. Reduce Operating Expenses
  7. Improve Comfort Conditions
  8. Improve Indoor Air & Quality

How Full-Service Programs Work

While executing the planned maintenance services, our technicians are trained to identify problems before they occur and make preemptive repairs on equipment. These corrective maintenance activities reduce the risk of service calls and equipment downtime  either of which may compromise tenant comfort. Being reactive always costs more than being proactive and creates a lot of operational risk for your facility.

Each of these benefits contribute to reducing the overall cost of owning and operating your mechanical systems, resulting in both immediate and long-term savings.

Technician servicing an HVAC unit